Moducel oven

Welcome to the page of FP Ovenbouw. Here you will find information about the Moducel oven recently developed by Frank Pieters. The first successful prototype is now a fact. We are pleased to say that it is in use at the court supplier Meesterbakker Roodenrijs in Rijswijk. There you can also, by appointment, experience the operation of the oven itself. It is even possible to bake your own product.


The oven consists of separate modules, so you can make the oven fit for your company. Starting with 12 swings, up to 32 swings. These swings are also stabilised and can be fitted with a stone floor for the baking of hearth bread as desired. One of the most important aspects of the Moducel oven is that it can grow with your company. The oven can be assembled in varying forms, with a capacity of 600 to 1,200 breads per hour. The Moducel oven is suitable for bus bread and baking trays as well as for banquet.

Each oven has its own baking stove, which determines the quality of the bread to be baked. The Moducel furnace is unique in this respect because of its particular baking furnace, its variable temperature setting for achieving a perfect baking curve, which quickly reaches the core and makes the crust crispy and crisp.

voordelenThe Benefits

Important points of the moduceloven
  • The oven can be served by one man
  • The Moduceloven is particularly durable in use because it has a very low energy consumption through perfect isolation, which saves energy costs
  • Multiple adjustable temperature zones for a constant backing curve
  • Steam zone with adjustable steam time
  • To be executed in stone and steel bakery carriers
  • Use of high quality materials

For extensive documentation you can contact FP Services BV