The Moduceloven

The Moducel oven is a modern oven according to the latest state-of-the-art technology. All parts are designed to prevent oxidation. For example, various parts are made of stainless steel, the steel parts are covered in a heat-resistant lacquer to prevent corrosion.

Depending on your needs, it is available in various versions from 16 to 32 swings (±600 to 1,200 breads per hour). The Moducel oven is standard equipped with swings for transporting couples. Swings have stabilizers. This means that when changing the direction of transport, or any other moment, the swings move in a horizontal position at all times. The couples can therefore never slide off the swings and cause damage.

Five pairs can be placed on each swing, so that between 80 and 160 pairs can be placed in the oven. If desired, the Moducel oven can also be used as a brick oven for baking pizzas, etc. Both the baking temperature and baking time can be set on the control panel.

The Moducel oven is available in various versions. This depends partly on the capacity and not least on whether the operation must be fully automated.

In the baking chamber, there is two-way traffic. At the top the swings go towards the tensioning module, at the bottom the swings go towards the drive module. In other words, opposite to each other. This means that at the top right behind the drive module, the initiation of the baking process begins, while at the bottom, just before the drive module, the baking process ends. Between the beginning and end of the baking process a considerable temperature difference is what is desired. For this reason, a separation is provided at half height of the baking chamber in such a way that both temperatures do not affect each other. The number of gas burners per unit length at the beginning of the baking process is also higher than at the end of the baking process.
All burners are equipped with an electronic ignition and automatic flame monitoring system.

These dimensions are:

Version Length Width Height Surface area
16 swings
(smaller version)
5,87 m 2,68 m 2,12 m 15,7 m2
32 swings 
(largest version)
11,42 m 3,50 m 2,12 m 32,1 m2
The Moducel oven - manually

The Moducel oven - manually

The Moducel oven - automated

The Moducel oven - automated