The Modules

Both versions of the Moducel oven are made up of various modules. The type of module depends on the model, which is partly determined by the requested capacity.

Drive Module

The first module is the drive module. The name says it all, it takes care of the transport of the swings and is, as described above, available in two versions. For both versions, this module has the front panel as well as a display where you can read both the set and current parameters.
In this module, you will also find the filler hole which is closed by an automatic hatch. This hatch is operated via the available control system. This means that if the respective swing is in the filling position, the hatch opens automatically to allow the couples to slide off and/or on the swing. After a set time, the hatch closes automatically. When an open hatch is opened, the hot air flowing outwards is extracted so that the temperature rise in the bakery is prevented as much as possible.
There are also facilities available to carry out an evacuation transport (only possible with the automated execution). This means that the discharge transport can be applied later, if necessary. The drain conveyor is equipped with a sprinkler system.

A steam mist device and an extraction system are installed in the drive module. All this in order to obtain the best possible end product in terms of quality.

Start Module

The start module is located directly behind the drive module. If necessary, it can be equipped with a pusher for an automatic unloading system.

Intermediair Modules

The number of intermediate modules depends on the capacity.

A pusher is mounted in the module directly behind the drive module when using the drain conveyor. This pusher ensures that the joints of the swings reach the drain conveyor. This is also arranged automatically.

Furthermore, all in between modules are equipped with gas burners. The number of gas burners per unit length has been selected in such a way that it is fully adapted to the requested local temperature. The necessary measuring device is also available. The signals that are obtained and/or required as a result of this are produced/processed by a computer.

Tensioning Module

The last module is the tensioning module. This module ensures that the chain carrying the swings remains tensioned. The transport direction is also reversed in this module, as well as in the drive module.